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My love of the fleeting beauty and endless variety of flowers inspires me to preserve their beauty in silver.


My metalwork journey began with wire-wrapping and cold connects, but I soon learned that soldering was much faster.  Soldering satisfied my desire for quicker results, but I was interested in taking my work to the third dimension.  Metal Clay became an answer to my quest for a moldable,  sculptable silver, and after it is kiln-fired, it becomes sterling or fine silver.   

Generally, my Metal Clay work consists of sculptured, realistic flowers and trees.  Searching for new inspiration, I studied the lacy filagree of Edwardian jewelry, the scrolls and whorls of Victorian and Art Deco wrought iron work, and the stylized flower portrayal and symmetry of Art Deco decorations. These vintage vibes imbue my latest collection with movement and interesting open work.

For my stylized floral design focal pieces, I fabricate texture plates.  Rolled Metal Clay forms flourishes in a filigree-like frame. The pieces are embellished with mini Cubic Zirconias which are reminiscent of jewels that were the hallmark Art Deco period and add tiny pops of color. This collection is modern, floral jewelry paying homage to the bygone eras. 

I am still making sterling silver and fine silver filagree jewelry set with an array of semiprecious stones.  I also sculpt three dimensional flowers and scenes in metal clay that are inspired by the variety of agates, semiprecious stones and synthetic opals shaped by local artists.  

Due to my varied interests and curiosity, I have dabbled in other media, such as UV cure resin.  I love this medium, because I can paint in brilliant colors. I have a collection of trees in all four seasons; geometric designs, inspired by cloisonne; beach scenes; whimsical fairie gardens; and Halloween scenes.

Member of Chester County Guild of Craftsmen, Master Artisan of Haverford Guild of Craftsmen, and Tuscarora Lapidary Society. 

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