The Process

This page is to explore the processes of creating Precious Metal Clay pieces. This is the study of Irises. 

The first step is finding a stone that speaks to you. This is a floral jasper stone. When Jo saw this stone, it made her think of Irises. 

Once Jo has an idea, she starts sketching. Here are her sketches of Irises. 

Then she creates a model of the sketches with the clay

The next step is creating a frame for the Jasper stone, as well as the details that will go on the frame. 

This is what the frame looks like after is has been fired, but before it's been polished. 

This the final piece after its been sculpted, fired and polished

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While making masks with various tie dye fabric, Jo found inspiration to create a Precious Metal Clay piece featuring fish. 

After finding inspiration, Jo sketched the fish and made a pattern for the fish and waves out of plastic. 

Using the plastic pattern, Jo forms the piece in clay. 

This is sculpting the clay to add more detail. 

After being fired in the kiln, Jo polishes the piece and adds a pivot point so the piece spins. 

The final piece in action

My inspiration for this piece is tracery often used around stained glass windows.

Initial sketches of the piece. 

Transferring the sketches and carving the mold

The completed molds (left)

Testing the molds (right)

Molded PMC (precious metal clay) with inset lab created Sapphires ready for finishing.

Fired PMC with anitiqing

Balancing the focal piece

Final Piece Front (L) and Back (R)

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